Joseph G. Kunkel
Born: Oceanside, New York, Aug. 17, 1942    

12 Bickford St.
Scarborough ME 04074

Marine Science Center
University of New England
11 Hills Beach Road
Biddeford ME 04005
Secondary Academic:
Biology Department,
University of Massachusetts
Amherst MA 01003-5810

Phone:(413) 335-6017 (C). 
Email:     URL
Columbia College, New York, New York, Zoology A.B.'64
Case-Western Reserve U., Cleveland, Ohio, Biology Ph.D. '68
Dissertation: Control of Cockroach Development
Society Memberships:
  AAAS; Sigma Xi (Yale Chapter); MBL Corp.; ASCB; National Shellfish Assoc.

Awards and Honors:
  NSF Graduate Fellow, Biology, Case Western Reserve University, 1967-68.
R.C.A. Scholar in Chemistry, Columbia College, 1961-62
Columbia University Scholar, Columbia College, 1960-64
New York State Regents Scholar, Columbia College, 1960-64
Bnai Brith Scholar, Columbia College, 1960
Positions and Professional Experience:
Research Professor, Marine Science Center, Univ. of New England Biddeford ME 2012-present
Emeritus Professor, Biology, Univ. of Massachusetts 2012-present
Guest Research Fellow, JK-U, Linz AT, with Sabine Hild, Head of the Polymerwissenschaft Institut.     2009-10
Technical Supervisor, Xu-Yue (Beijing) Sci. & Tech. Co. Ltd.     2005-2010
Guest Professor, Physiological Institute, Ludwig-Maximillian Univ. of Munich, Germany with Wolfram Nagel.     2001-02
Member, Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Program, UMass 1995-2012
Research Associate, National Vibrating Probe Facility, MBL, Woods Hole MA, with Lionel Jaffe, PJS Smith and A Shipley.   1993-94
Full Professor, Biology, Univ. of Massachusetts 1992-2012
Full Professor, Zoology, Univ. of Massachusetts 1985-1992
Adjunct Professor of Entomology, Univ. of Massachusetts. 1985-2000
Guest Professor, Zoological Institute, Univ. of Bern, Switzerland with Dr. Beatrice Lanzrein 1985-86
Member, Cell and Molecular Biology Program, UMass 1983-2012
Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry, UC Berkeley with Prof. Alan C Wilson 1977-78
Assistant through Associate Professor, Zoology, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst 1970-85
Lecturer in Biology, Yale University 1969-70
NIH Postdoctoral Trainee in Development, Yale Univ., with Prof. Gerry R Wyatt 1968-70
Postdoctoral, Case Western Reserve University, biometrical training, Biometry Department 1968
Graduate Research Assistant, Developmental Biology Center, CWRU with Prof. Michael Locke 1964-68
Research Assistant, cytology with Prof. Arthur W Pollister, Columbia University 1963-64
Research Assistant, microbial genetics with Prof. Francis J Ryan, Columbia University 1963
Professional and Competitive Grants Received:
NSF 'Spatio-Temporal Regulation of Tip Growth in Pollen Tubes' Co-PI with Peter Hepler 2009-13
RI-SeaGrant 'Mineralization of the lobster exoskeleton as a target of shell disease' 2007-10
NOAA/CMER 'Assay for CYP1A and VG specific to Bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix, applicable for ELISA and Western Blot.' 2005-08
MIT SeaGrant 'Mineralization of American Lobster, Homarus americanus cuticle, using X-ray backscatter analysis.' 2004-05
Deutches Forschung Gemeinshaft 'Non-invasive Probe Development at LMU Physiological Institute' 2001-02
NOAA/CMER 'Using Serum properties as an indicator of stage of maturation of the American lobster,  Homarus americanus.' 2000-02
NOAA/CMER 'Use of Morphometrics and Biochemical Assays to Study the Development of Larval Tautog.' 1998-2000
NOAA/CMER 'Serum and egg vitellogenin measurement in the Atlantic cod Gadus morhua and its relationship to ovarian development.' 1996-98
APPLICABLE ELECTRONICS 'Gifts in support of the UMass Vibrating Probe Facility' 1995-2006
NOAA/CMER 'Winter Flounder Vitlellogenin Assay' 1992-94
USDA 'GYPSY MOTH POPULATION BIOLOGY: Storage proteins as    indices of nutritive quality' 86-CRCR-1-2153 1986-90
Roche Foundation, 'VITELLOGENIN RECEPTOR' sabbatical 1985-86
ASZ NSF Travel Grant for IX ICEC, Hong Kong. 1981
NIH Biomedical Research Support Grant, 1977-78
NIH 'Control of Cockroach Development' 1974-77
U. of Massachusetts Faculty Research Grant, FR-J39-72 1971-72
Postdoctoral and Research Associates:
  Rolf Koenig, Postdoctoral Research Associate 1985.
Elizabeth S. Bowdan, Senior Research Associate 1986-89
Joseph Zydlewski, Postdoctoral Research Associate 1998-99
Jeff Xu, Research Associate 2000-2001
Alan Shipley, Research Associate 2009-present